Facebook Shops! - What You Should Know!

Opinion piece by Genie Chanai

Many stores have been hit hard financially since March 2020. As the world remains cautious and laws remain in place to keep communities safe, store owners have had to become more and more tech savvy. Many tech businesses have been rolling out new services to help their clients cope through this tough time. The newest service that has been on the top of everyone's timeline is "Facebook Shops".

For sometime now, business owners have been able to upload products to their Facebook Business Pages and customers can then click on those products and be directed to the business owners website, Etsy page and more! Facebook Shops is different in that, now customers buy directly on Facebook! Instagram also has a similar application but you have to have a certain amount of followers for it to be accessible in your account.

"Setting up a shop is free, but Facebook’s Merchant agreements note that the company will take a 5 percent transaction fee on the sale of goods processed over its services. Ideally, businesses getting a sales boost from their virtual storefronts will also entice them to buy more ads. “The vast majority of our advertisers are small businesses, and they also make up the biggest part of our revenue,” Zuckerberg added.- Entrepreneur.com

1. May Reduce Website Traffic

Though Facebook Shop could be a beneficial tool, fees add up quick to a small business owner! Most of us already have websites which we created ourselves or paid a web designer to create. That being said, it was created for the world to see! This new tool created by Facebook will reduce the amount of visitors we see exploring our prized websites!

2. May Reduce Contact List

Everytime someone visits my website, I am able to capture their email address. This allows me to contact them in the future with coupons and updates. Use of the Facebook application does not promise easy integration of customer's info into existing contact lists.

As a small business owner, website visits and a large contact list are of major importance. Though many businesses face very different difficulties I do suggest at least owning your own domain name. Even if it is not set up with a website, having a virtual address for your business puts you one step above those that don't. Creating a personal space online is an important step in creating a memorable brand.

If you do choose to use Facebook Shops do so with the understanding that your brand deserves more than just an application to sell your product, it deserves advertisement too!

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