I Gave People $1,000,000 But ONLY 1 Minute To Spend It!

Wow-what would you do if someone gave you a million dollars to spend but you only have 1 minute. What would you buy? I think I would buy land at an auction or something. That's not that long to spend it but I'm sure you could do it.

This is one million dollars in cash. Now I'm gonna give random people one minute to try to spend all this money. Carl starts the timer. You guys have 60 seconds. Whatever you put in this cart, I will pay for up to one million dollars starting now. It'S been six seconds: [, Music, ]. It'S almost been a minute. It'S almost been a minute. Almost in a minute. Oh ants, it has been officially a minute on the dot. No extra time. You did good a little man. I told these guys I'd pay for whatever they put in this cart. Let'S see the damage holy crap, you grabbed so many gift cards, and these are ten dollars to five hundred dollars. Look how many he crap thirteen thousand dollars in gift cards playback him grabbing. These in slow-mo and put play of the day - oh boy, they managed to spend 18 000 in under a minute which is below a million dollars. So congratulations. You guys gonna keep all this stuff. Our next location. Is this entire jewelry store here. Jewelry is really expensive, as you can see this stuff here, costs 900 000 by itself, and all this stuff here costs 1.3 million dollars and of all the stores. If someone was to spend a million dollars, this would be it for this next one we have Ashley here, here's a bowl in a second I'm going to start this timer, whatever you put in this bowl before this time or his 30 seconds I'll pay for starting Now no go: what do you want? What do you want? Tell me just put it in the middle: can I go over there? Hold it hurry. Okay, yeah go see, carl of course. Of course, it's only been five seconds. I love this necklace. I got this necklace thumbs: okay, okay, that's a lot of really expensive jewelry! Let'S go see the damage. Uh. Is this real? This is 5800 there's so much more here, it looks like you just robbed a pirate. What are you gonna do with those give them some gifts away, keep some of it Christmas time? Christmas time we just finished scanning what I felt like 100 items of jewelry. What'S the damage I can live with 60 grand. I can live with those boys on three jumps, one, two, three for this next store. We have a special guest. That'S my brother! Whatever is in this cart. When this timer hits one minute, I will pay for it. It is all yours starting now that was the joke. I need to actually start. Oh my gosh, oh, but it is going down. Does that come with a count? Fortnite, I need all of this. I need all keyboards will work. I don't know why sean jumped over this counter. I want to let you guys know that we actually know the owner of this store and he was okay with everything we did, but sean got a little carried away at some parts. What are you doing? Are we just grabbing stuff yeah? It'S not games these fun games, john! I'm getting these pokemon cards in 54 seconds. 55 seconds. 56. First things. First, we made a mess everyone. We need to pick up anything on the floor. Put in the cart. We got to pay for ps4 the whole PlayStation 4 pro with no boss. Where even was this, I found it [ Music ], I'm smiling underneath this mask, but you can't tell thanks to jimmy for giving me all these games. Obviously, I don't need all this, so I'm going to be giving a lot of it away to friends and donating it, and um yeah. Next up we have john do something special. Our contestant is actually Chris's. Father, yeah he's a farmer. Let'S do it so before we begin, I need clarification. Chris is this your father, that is my father. Now we got that out the way we can proceed. You have 30 seconds and anything you touch. I will pay for it since he's your father. We'Re not gonna make him put it in a cart because it'd be hard to put a lawnmower in a cart. So anything he touches. I will pay for the starting wait. Wait, wait! Wait! I gotta make this easier. Uh, I'm gonna go and start the timer starting now it looks like Chris pulled up something for you. I forgot the accident wait. How much is this I think, like 50 or 60, grand who would have thought that the person at the john deere store would spend more than the person at the jewelry store? I knew we were gonna. Do this store, so I made sure to get him a tractor and pull it right up to the door. He had like two seconds left. It was clutch now you finally know what it feels like to spend. Jimmy'S money like I do we're grabbing everything he touched and putting it in this pile here. Look at all this stuff. Why does he need 17 weed whackers? How did you do this in 30 seconds? Did you actually like run uh yeah? I don't think I've ever seen you run in my life. I want to thank my jimmy, Mr beast, and everybody it'll make life a lot easier. A lot simpler. The total of everything here is thirty thousand dollars, and if you include the tractor out front, it is over 80 grand is what you managed to do. That is insane. We are now in Walmart this time. i'm gonna give the next person a little more time. This is Jordan, you told me you're a schoolteacher. I am okay, how many students do you have on my roster about 91

Jordan, we wanted to do something special for your students. Here'S a shopping, cart! Okay, anything you put in this shopping cart. We will pay for your students. I'm gonna start this timer here anything! That'S in this cart in five minutes, I'll pay for it all right, the timer started for the students explore the studio. The screen, let's just grab TVs for your students. Okay, double some gamer headshots. Okay, there we go. I got a vacuum cleaner because children are messy. Do they need that all right two minutes has gone by you got three minutes left what else? What else? What else? What else can we just have like all your laptops keys, aren't working, might have to come back to the laptops in a bit? Let'S go somewhere else that sucks they couldn't open up the laptop. As you can see, we did cross the five-minute mark, but I just don't feel like this is enough stuff. Your students deserve more here's. What I'm gonna do! Oh wow, it reset! Well, you have five minutes, let's go okay, let's do it. They could definitely use headphones. Projector, hello, okay, I'm gonna go, find you a good card of goodness, okay, okay good! I trust you. They finally opened up the laptop school supplies. Oh, my goodness, [ Music, ], there's no PlayStations only controllers. Oh five seconds, left all right three. Oh these two I mean one: let's throw more lamps. Okay, did she just grip, a giant rack, a light bulb? The time is up, but this isn't her only card. She also had the card full of supplies from Chris. The other cart that she filled up and carl said he was filling up a cart. I think we did good work. Let'S go check out. What did you get? Listen, kids, love snacks. Do you know who else loves? Snacks, who me oh no they're gonna, be elated they're gonna be in shock for sure [ Music ] in these carts is over ten thousand dollars worth of stuff for her students, and we didn't want to leave Jordan empty-handed. So we have a surprise for her Shawn bring it on in. This is Shawn our bodyguard because we're in the middle of Walmart. Thank you for the briefcase and for making sure I don't die. Jordan. Congratulations here is ten thousand dollars, and no-no, no, no you're gon na make me cry just don't know. I just don't know. Oh my god. Thank you so much. Thank you so much. We have so many bills that need to be paid, and Christmas is coming up. My son's birthday is Friday and we weren't going to be able to get him the things that he wanted. My husband's birthday is the 21st. He was just willing not to get anything because things are so behind, and so I'm just so grateful, I'm just really glad the money and all that just went to someone who actually needed it. That makes me really happy and uh yeah we're gonna head to the next store. Thank you. So much no problem up next we're not at a store we're actually outside this is mitched and mitch. We have cars lined up for days, cut to the drone shop. So here are the deal two football fields away is a six-figure Lamborghini. Okay, so basically we have a lot of really expensive cars lined up the further away. They are the more expensive the car is, and I have a stopwatch here. You have exactly one minute to get a car and drive it across this finish line, and if you do you get to keep the car, but you don't cross the line. You'Re just shy, you don't get a high-risk high reward, exactly wow, so the second nicest car is a tesla. It'S still worth over 40 thousand dollars. Wow! So, gentlemen, are you ready? Let'S go okay, he did it he's gone. The time is starting they're off in the truck holy cow. Oh my god he's going so fast he's going for the land mode, nevermind he's going for the tesla. Oh, my gosh! Is he gonna get it in time? Where'S the key? Oh! No! He doesn't know what he's doing the password six, nine, six, nine, that one helps him go. He got it. Oh, my God is bigger than my tv at home. Oh, this is a dream right now. This is literally a dream. Mitch is here because he's a subscriber to the channel: that's why we invited him to compete. Mr beast just gave me a tesla because I watch his videos. I like his videos, it's that simple. If you're not already hit the subscribe button, we're going to go to the next you're the man to spice things up, I literally made my own store, but everything is wrapped as a present, I'm all cozied up. I don't know why that was relevant. I am all cozied up. I don't know what to tell you first off. I need you to pick a number between one and three, so you Brandon have three minutes to grab as many presents as you can from here and put them underneath this Christmas tree. I just started this timer, which means your three minutes has begun. Just start, throwing stuff close, and you might be wondering what is here. Well, here's a couch. How do you know it's wrapped up over a minute? Has a left she's still got two minutes left. I can't pick this up, but I don't know what it is everything's so heavy. I don't know what it is all right, so I should probably mention that we only bought really a ps4. What everything here is actually kind of expensive two minutes and 20 seconds has a lap 40 seconds remaining carl, oh Brandon, you got 25 seconds later, eight, seven, six, all right! It's not even that close because all right four three two one did stop bazinga. Three minutes has elapsed all right, so let's go around the edge. This isn't on the red, so we gotta, kick it out the form and grill is on what about this? Oh, all, I'm saying is, I might have to sneeze real quick hurry. Good shoot. Wait. I choked oh okay. I finished my third looks like it's okay, good enough. Congratulations on all the brand new stuff! You wanted to start opening, some of it sure yo, let's get some logs. Where is frozen? I got that specifically for the four-year-old. It'S got anna and Elsa; it is a ps4 ps4, she'll love it. Oh, it's a gaming pc, I'm not going to make you watch this on the raffle. This on the screen is everything else that he won been a dream. Come true can't! Thank you enough, Mr beast. It'S going to be a game-changer for the way our year has been. I'm a proud man. I hope they have a great Christmas honestly. I thought he'd grab more presents and we still have a bunch leftover. So I decided to let my security guard Shawn. Have a god come on pick it up. Is this a lot more? It looks like alone, hey sean. If you hate giant 70-inch TVs, don't grab this. Oh, the kids will love it for the room. Congratulations: sean on all this stuff because you're super muscular, you are able to fit a bunch in here. Don't try to mess with us. Look at this man. This is a heck of a surprise. My kids are gonna love it. It you're all about the kids. That'S why I like keeping you safe. We are now at carl's house. Why do we keep coming here? Meet matt meet carl hello man. Try touching this tv. You touch the tv, let's get it out of here. Okay, there we go. You now own that tv car, I owe you a tv, that's twice as expensive. That'S how it works. You have 19 touches left. You can touch anything at carl's house. Well, I just got an Xbox there you go all right. Does that mean I have to buy carl two Xbox x's where's his room? Oh, my room's up there matt. What are you touching right now, door's touching a doorknob? I got it. Okay, that is touch number three of matt's match. You just earned yourself and it's got two doorknobs. Oh right. Okay, it's kind of a blanket but we'll include the mattress too, could be number four another tv, MacBook, carl you're, just keeping I'll just buy him a MacBook, that's twice as good. We should have thought of that with the mattress yeah. Oh, that's! My monster mini-fridge. Here'S your doorknob, oh yeah! Thank you! So much. I want more VR you're enjoying this more than you should hey hey there. Can I see that? No, yes, there you go! This is now yours, you got Tariq's job, AirPods, sure all right. Boom, 18, 19

One more touch: oh no, a q-tip though Tyler just mentioned that he could have touched the house, but you got a q-tip, so that's cool. I thought about touching the house - big brain in it, but I didn't think I was gonna get this. I need one of these at the bed. I got the Xbox super exciting super stoked. I got two pcs. I got two beds, dude. If a girl comes over, she'll have a place to sleep, hey some of the people we selected in this video were random subscribers. So if you're not already hit that subscribe button, because you could compete for tons of money in future videos, there's no reason not to it's free

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