If Everything Was Like Among Us 4

It would be fun to live like in among us! I would like to be the imposter and win a crewmate. Check out this video from Shiloh & Bros. Read along with the video.

[Applause] someone left out the soda and didn't put the lid back on and now it's flat anyone sucks register you change colors is red still sus judah i'm sus you know what red is safe in fact red is so safe i trust him with my life thanks man for sure bro science thoughts so help me do you okay we do not have any real evidence so we will not be voting somebody out on the first round like we do every single time i say we skip cap all right everybody mom gave us each a list of tasks to do at the cabin get them done and remember there are still three imposters three who keeps allowing this hmm [Music] okay first on your task list is to check your keys i don't want anyone getting locked outside daniel laughs that's uh daniel okay fix the lights fix the lights what are these tasks i don't recognize any of these tasks listen man new place new tasks what was wrong with the old place i knew all those tasks does anybody know where to fix the pipes task is all i see is snow and 194 wait why isn't it working dude you set it to 94 negative it's supposed to be 94 positive why is negative even an option here [Music] piped okay how do i do this daniel okay but i didn't see that all right here we go daniel wise this is nice we should have switched places a long time ago test the sound system all right [Music] oh what you doing i'm finishing this maze for the neighbor kid and i almost got it oh cool oh you you messed up so you got to start all over yup bye [Applause] you're the imposter i'm the imposter too oh my gosh where hey guys you want to come with us like a buddy system for safety yes now go where i'd walked by and david and panda had been pushed into the hot tub that was double crime that's good shield is anybody with you i was by myself quite a bit me [Music] guys i think it's me no [Music] we know it's not you but it really might be me no mary we all know that you crack under pressure it's not you let's get skip skip skip you guys are hopeless what you guys doing okay so it turns out this place has cameras everywhere so something bad happens we'll be able to see it [Music] those are your glasses those are your chips that's my bed [Music] okay so yeah we show you the whole thing on cams there are camps here [Applause] but still okay guys there's still two imposters left right right right you were a terrible safety buddy [Music] oh wifi's down i'll get it what you doing eli oh i'm just waiting for the door to open you need to open doors here yourself okay now the doors don't open by themselves this whole place is so weird wait stop we gotta disinfect mom's rules oh this always takes so long oh i hate your mouth why are these hallways so long this is nowhere near wi-fi i hate this place so much wow they're still unplugged they're so lazy oh good you you got it that's good how are we in the tub and they're still in there it's cause you're red oh what's the problem you know like okay i have to do data download but every time someone does this something bad happens can you can you say here to watch me do it for safety no you're overreacting i'm gonna go you're gonna be fine yeah you're right i got this oh jeez [Applause] figures there is no way i am never doing that task again where okay so i downloaded this cool app that tells me whenever someone's tossed into the hot tub it says elijah was just thrown in awesome who isn't then i have no idea i just know what happened anyways here we go shallow what what's your reasoning well you're the best and you always make it to the end hmm that is a good reason to vote out shy though that's not evidence we don't need any yes you do do we though but that's about how this works that's not how any of this works we're the greatest crewmates that still wasn't evidence wait there is one imposter left and i have no idea who it is it could be any of you is everyone close to being done with our tasks yeah yeah okay let's finish and be done okay let's hurry up wow this is what it's like being kicked out it's my first time we know oh i knew it was you brittany got it twice in a row how did she do that i honestly don't understand it come on you got this [Music] i used my one meeting to vote out shallow didn't i yup shoot [Music] i mean who would have thought it would have been britney i did i don't know about you guys but i was playing that perfectly oh my gosh.

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