Introducing AirPods Max — Apple

Piano music playing Evans Hankey: AirPods have come to define magical wireless audio. To is built around this, we set out to create the eventual personal listening knowledge. Introducing AirPods Max. Every aspect has been designed for uncompromising fit and accomplishment. Mach

ined aluminum ear cups connect by a distinct suspension system, enabling independent articulation to the telescoping arms of the headband. This flexes to fit a broader range of top widths, with a warp knit canopy maximizing comfort and breathability while an acoustically optimized tie seamlessly surrounds the magnetically fixed cushions.[ CLICK] These factors work in harmony to maintain an exceptional over ear seal; the foundation for its incredible chime. Rhythmic bass meets Gary Geaves: Custom operators give high-fidelity playback with ultralow twisting in the entire audible wander. And a duet of Apple designed H1 microchips admit computational audio facets like Adaptive EQ, which tailor-makes resound to your bespoke fit by value and then adjusting what you're hearing up to 200 seasons per second. Active Noise Cancellation exerts eight microphones positioned to sense and block noise from any direction. A single button press activates Transparency mode, letting you hear what's around you.


And spatial audio, which implements accelerometers and gyroscopes to move ability campaign for immersive, theater like sound.[ Tires SCREECHING] And the Digital Crown tolerates precise authority of magnitude and playback.[ Cars VROOMING] Evans: With up to 20 hours of listening era, best in class Active Noise Cancellation, and supernatural know-how, AirPods Max sets the new standard for over ear headphones.

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