LaMelo Ball NBA Debut Highlights vs Raptors | December 12, 2020 NBA Preseason

Looks like the newest Charlotte Hornets Rookie is doing pretty good. LaMelo Ball in his pre-season debut. Can the Hornets be a contender? We will see as the season is starting up this month.

[ Applause, ], [, Music, ] better to get info from than this [ Applause. ] Mark Jackson was the poor man's Mugsy folks. If you ask me, take Bugsy every day twice on Sunday, [ Applause, ], [ Applause, ] right there he saw Cody, he knew Cody was going to be open as soon as he turned the corner and put the ball on the floor right there. He knows Cody's going to be open, [ Applause, ], Terrence Davis on the floor. Another rebound ball number, nine, oh behind that pad. That'S what I'm talking about wow! That'S a little flare! Look at that pass right on the money in stride. [ Applause, ] paul protects, leaves it for bid. [ Applause ] to miles and again nothing's happened. Okay, I'm going to drive, draw kick biz, you finish it play above