So this is a great video and challenge. How many products do you use or have? I'm sure some could probably open a product store out of their bathroom. lol. What products are you using? Of course, I use Naturally Blessed products.

I just like trying different things does that make me a product junkie I'm okay with that hey guys Nichole here welcome or welcome back to my channel today's video is a little bit different if you're confused by the title it is because I just finished watching Bianca from Bianca Rene today's latest video about her product stash and being a product junkie and she mentioned in that video that if she was not an influencer if she was not doing YouTube and her hair wasn't her job she would only have probably about ten products I know ten and I was like ten what and she was saying that really and truly we only need ten products in our products stash and I was like I don't know if I can do only ten products and I am a product junky but I like to find new products to add to my staples that I know will work for sure for my hair and so I do try a lot of products and I spend money but I really don't spend a lot because I like to find a lot of my products at t.j.maxx or at Marshall's you know for a cheaper price so I looked at my products and I was thinking to myself I was like I wonder if I can limit myself to only ten products and it is harder than you think I kept going back and I was like if I could only have ten I would probably use and it was impossible and so what she did was she broke it down she said you know she only needed a shampoo conditioner deep conditioner protein treatment edge control all she listed all these things she had her top ten so what I did was I decided to try to pick my top ten and my top ten is a little bit different from her top ten and she went all the way to like top three like if she could only have three products I know I cannot survive in this world with only three products so we're not even gonna pretend like I could just narrow it down to three so I'm gonna give you my top 10 products like if I could only have these ten products my stash this is what I would use so I will have this listed in the description box just in case you were wondering or would like to look up and read up on any of these products that I am listing and my goal after like testing out a bunch of different products is actually to have my staples and there are some things that are definitely staples in this that I do not change no matter what so let's get started so the first thing that I would definitely need is shampoo which is crazy because I only shampoo once a week but I really believe in clarifying my scalp once a week so I definitely would need a good shampoo this is actually really hard surprisingly because I have three shampoos that I really like and I was like well if you know I had to choose and I picked one and I was like well this one you could always find it Ulta and it was hard so I narrowed it down to three I have my Garnier Fructis hydrating treatment shampoo shea moisture manuka honey and yogurt hydrate repair shampoo and then my Nioxin cleanser um narrowing it down to just one is really hard all of these have great benefits I like all of them the manuka honey and yogurt really helps my hair bounce back after straightening um this is hard y'all um if I had to pick I would definitely probably go with the Nioxin and the reason I would use this one this is a more high end and I can still find it at t.j.maxx I love the way it makes my scalp feel and like the nioxin products are really good for your scalp and overall hair growth and so I would actually probably pick this one if there was only one shampoo I could use I would probably use this one and I would use this one also because it's really good that if I decide to straighten my hair I know my scalp is going to get really really clean and I don't have to worry about any like product being left over yeah Nioxin the nioxin so the next thing I would need is a conditioner to pair with the shampoo and I would actually use the matching conditioner this is the Nioxin scalp therapy conditioner and both of those are number one if you are curious they have different numbers for different hair types and like if your hair is treated color treated permed all the above so I would actually pair these two I just use the matching conditioner and shampoo I'm not really into like the conditioner if they have a matching conditioner then I just normally get the matching conditioner unless it just really does not do my hair justice so the third thing I would need is a co-wash because i co wash majority of the time three months three weeks out of the month I am co washing and the one Co wash that I have always come back to I will try other things and I always come back to this this is actually the only one in my stash is the as I am coconut co wash I decided to finally just get the big jar I like it it's very convenient to pump in the shower and I go through so much of this that I'm like I might as well just get the big one like and I have tried a bunch of different Co washes and this one is just the one that I know my scalp feels clean but it doesn't strip my hair my hair is definitely soft afterwards so if you're looking for a good co wash but the third thing I would need is a deep conditioner and again I had the hardest time figuring out what deep conditioner like if I had to narrow it down to one so my top three are the mielle babassu mint deep conditioner the tgin honey miracle hair mask and the amika nourishing hair masque um all three of these are amazing um if I had to pick I would probably pick the Amika if I could always find it at t.j.maxx because it is extremely expensive this I got for TJ Maxx at 15 it is a big jar but the only yeah the only thing keeping me from wanting to say I will use this is the price but the one thing I like about this is it's intense conditioning and repair so it is you know conditioning and repair my hair which is the same as the mielle but that is definitely more protein and even though moisturizes your hair makes it feel really good I would probably go with the Amika I don't know that one's really hard I love deep conditioning I have probably more deep conditioners than anything deep conditioners and gels I have more than anything but if I had to pick I would pick the Amika nourishing hair mask because my hair feels so amazing when I put this in y'all and then after I rinse it out my hair is so soft like this was a game changer I just wish it wasn't so expensive so if I see this at t.j.maxx I promise yall I'm buying every single one so number five is a leave-in conditioner and if I had to pick one the leave-in conditioner you probably already know if you've watched the fall and winter hair care series you probably already know which leave-in conditioner I'm about to say but let's just pretend you don't know the jamaican black castor oil strengthen and restore leave-in conditioner this is by Shea moisture this has knocked all of my other leave-ins out the park now I used to be in love with the curls blueberry bliss leave-in i actually liked the manuka and yogurt leave-in conditioner the spray one I like kicked those to the curb I still love them those are like the ones like if I saw them in the store and I'm building my go to product stash I would still grab those but this right here has taken my heart I don't know what it is it's just this one top number one it I didn't even have to think about it so number six would be a cream I would have to have a cream for sure because I don't like gels all the time gels make my hair dry out and even though they give me great definition sometimes I have to pair a cream in there just to kind of give it like a barrier to lock in my moisture if I had to pick a cream I would do the curl essence moisturizing curl cream this has jamaican black castor oil and coconut oil if you can see a theme here yeah I really really like this I found this last summer and I just completely fell in love with this line it's just really heavy and thick and it's whip and it just locks in that moisture and I tried a lot of creams over the past few months and I like a lot of creams I'm not gonna lie to you but if I had to pick one it would be this one for sure number seven would be a gel I had the hardest time picking a gel because I really really like these two there's some other gels too that I was like looking at but um this one right here as you can see I used a lot and this one I used a lot for a while until I kind of started playing around with other ones this is the Camille Rose curl maker this one is really nice and it kind of reminds me of the kinky curly and I like the kinky curly curling custard a lot - I also like mielle okay I just like a lot of gels but if I had to pick and narrow it down it would be between these two um okay so this one I have in my hair it gives me a lot of Bounce it gives me like slightly and when I say slight I mean slight hold but this one right here it has such great ingredients so if I had to pick I would definitely I would definitely go for this one I would definitely pick the curl maker hands down so number eight would have to be an oil I have been introducing oils back into my routine and I just really think I probably could not go without an oil if I thought like I can go without edge control but I could not go without oil so the one I like the most are all my oils would be the coconut and sweet almond oil I just love the way it feels on my hair and I love the way it helps lock in the moisture and so I mean it also says the natural hair growth oil blends I have a few that are for hair growth but this one I actually put all over my hair like I just I love it it's multi-purpose so if I had to pick one number 9 I had a hard time picking because I wanted a like a refresher spray but then I wanted my hydrating oil and I had a hard time picking like I really love my refreshing spray but I could probably just make one with water and oil in it and then just refresh my hair in the morning but this I really really like this this is the Kukui oil anti frizz hydrating oil whenever I take my hair down out of my pineapple I just go in and spray it like that give it a little bit of weight and oil because my hair is very like hold up can't can be uneven with product um my hair is very lightweight and so it doesn't have much like weighing it down and so when I add this in there it gives it like a little bit of you know a little bit of weight it's not heavy at all but like you know when your hair gets dirty it kind of does better and each night I actually spread my ends with this as well when I put it up in the pineapple so this I would have this one this has to be in my top10 and last but not least this is not a normal product that other people would probably put it in their top 10 but for me and the way my ends are set up and the way I get split ends I would have to use this this is the Shea Moisture manuka honey and yogurt hydrate and repair split end balm ever since this line came out and I tried this I have been faithfully using this with my wash and gos because as you can see this isn't even stretched and my wash and gos are now touching my shoulders and rubbing up against especially in the fall and the winter and so I have faithfully been using this this is actually my second jar I still have a lot in here but I faithfully use this any time I do a wash and go I put this on my ends and it clumps my ends it kind of puts a protective barrier on it so if I could only have ten products this would definitely be in that ten hands down so that's it guys I did it I picked a top ten I'm not gonna lie to you it was so hard as you can see in the clips I have a lot of products and I definitely like to try out a lot of different things just to build up my staples and so I'm actually my goall is to go through all of these products and finally go to the store and only buy my staples I'll still try out products here and there but yeah I am building up my stash and I'll probably have like two to three of each thing but if I honestly had to only have ten I could survive off of these ten I could see myself living and being okay with these ten products I just like trying different things does that make me a product junkie I'm okay with that if you are like me and you just really like trying products and you give in to that inner product junkie I would say buy things on sale go to TJ Maxx go to Marshalls get your products there because at least you won't spend as much money so that's it guys if you are new please feel free to subscribe and hit the notification belt down low so that you are notified anytime I post a new video and I will see you in the next video bye guys

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