The process of Tobe Nwigwe HEADSHOTS ft. @D Smoke

So as we prepare to film our first short film, we go to youtube for inspiration. Tobe Nwigwe has been on our radar for at least 3 years now. He is surely on the tongues of the nation. He recently released a song titled Headshots is enriched with powerful life lessons and perspectives. We learned to be more vocal on what we want and how we want it to look after the process. Take a look or read the transcript of the video.

Up start low and then come come high angle and go back let's see if you can feel this whole body ready set go just walk through it keep coming up walk backwards so you can start saying if i think you can still keep going i will try to go up until it's right above like right here it won't be comfortable but go up to about right here and then i think he'll be close to where he wants come on cut out let's see you can rotate um sit up jeff look at the camera let's go ahead and get started though okay but we we know what the shot needs to look like oh yeah and all right three two one action guys look coast to coast my approach to the quote tank the most grandiose particulars i'm still a hot cocker top shelters and glock poppers know i spit hot lava and hopes to hit a verse to make it stop trauma or at least he's the pain cause while i'm from campus don't flip cane drug dealers do and if it just so happen that you'll hear some cabin and your partners let it rain you'll kill her too you know guilty by association flow filthy i'm still me yet for go degrading the ones who hold the essence of maternity fervently use my vocal cords to show you currency there's low key found and respect for women not having hoes in line like connect four oh hell no let that hoe sit look i pray you peak the fact that i'm genuine and allow the sentiments of my sentences to take root cause i don't weave these bars for the benjamins i do it for the villain this gentleman they chase loot and hopes to fill the void of fulfillment the illness that fills us can also be healed by stillness in the presence of the one who focuses on lames and that was all the same but ain't by fortune or no fame hold up oh he said is there anything that i want actually synchronized you oh thank you hello all right you want to get this first people that have never seen a beach before they always come together all right guys don't be afraid of the water let me tell you something but i think you should practice in the water because i agree with you at least get a little bit in the water come on i'm gonna go see about this water see what it's doing yep take this speaker too okay all right y'all let's walk through it hey can you uh can you check the speaker make sure we ain't about to lose it now i never been this far in my life i like it though let me do it you get your hair good hey wait five seconds and then walk in three two one action guys that's i wasn't always the way it's deep in the water um zach if you turn a little bit your left shoulder towards toby yeah now baby fat is in the light too uh keep going all right okay yep let's go for it we got cloud coverage that's perfect all right let's get back in the water let's go okay as i walk through the valley where they shower rain down bullets by the hour i sang loud and afraid let it bang out wi-fi cause they cutting off your router life i throw you a little spice like a thai fried rice i can show you how to be the light when it's night night for the opposition be on my makai fight play me and fall i'm out the kitchen with god made dishes four chords verses spit this till i'm more horse than a saddle cause i ride for my homies that i split in them going too soon wearing locs in the church while my tears still fell down my cheeks on the surface we ain't can't show folks that we hurt you took action led to a misdemeanor now judge isn't worth it purple leaves with crystal beads you roll up trees to medicate pain for the moment you pull up shots to slow up thoughts of loading shells in the barrels with your veins full of cone yeah sitting wondering where you went wrong at then you get a call where the phone at voice on the other side says come home baby you ain't alone it's time to when you're so bad you made it oh that's hard oh that's hard oh that's hard i'm about to slap you all right let's get y'all changed i wouldn't even matter like the performance stuff just what's the wave start hitting i'm like get all go right yeah it all goes now you're gonna be here just and then open up here i need to make sure we get a very very close up on my toes this one that's my only request it's going to inspire everybody to just be their authentic self because these toes is authentic scorching and they coming for your head so you best duck it out the way cause then i ain't looking when them choppers they really feel like his body is uh like he the black james bond like he really look at it it's like just enough definition to make you feel like he knew something if i take off my shirt everybody it's over there that's good y'all feel good the brown skin bodies valencia's in the sand valencia's in the sand huh never been a fan yeah drop the top candy paint you can see the lamb

"twas an honor to connect w/ my Inglewood family to bring this song/visual to life. s/o to everyone who contributed! @tobecallsmefat @D Smoke @natethedirector @wiseboyphoto @blackangelscollective @mynameisjeff.i @errftomars

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