Why Nipsey Hussle's death impacts the Black Community

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

It's sad to see such a great talent and great example of what we all should do for our community leave this earth. Nipsey's death is so sudden and sadly by the hands of his fellow brother. We meaning black folks tend to always point the finger when we need to start holding each other accountable. The question is why his death is so detrimental to the black community? It hurts because our leaders & future leaders see this happen to a man giving so much to his community and the very community he is uplifting is the one who killed him. It makes our hometown heros not want to come back home which hurts us cause they are bettering their new found communities. Which leaves their original communities to suffer because no one is fighting for them. It forms a state of mind of if they did that to him they will do it me. That will make anyone decide to lay low and not give because they are scared. Its sad that we even have to think "when I make it I want to give back to my city but they hate too much" Its up to the ones thats a live and strong to live out Nipsey's dream. Just like Martin Luther King he is a blueprint of how to uplift your community. We all can learn something from Nipsey. Rest in Heaven and your legacy is solitified not by your death but your actions on pushing the culture forward.

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